Author: Marten

Glowing Bacteria Micropia

Merry X-mas and happy new year fluorescent bacteria plate art made for Micropia, also Check out the interview with Joachim Goedhart by Sheba, here Credits go to Nika Heijmans (Amsterdam houses, left), Eike Mahlandt (reindeer, right), Sergei Chavez-Abiega (Grinch), Saskia

S1P-mediated G-protein and RhoGTPase signaling to control endothelial barrier function

The bioactive sphingolipid S1P is present in bloodplasma, bound to carrier proteins, and is involved in many physiological processes, including angiogenesis, inflammatory responses and vascular stabilization. S1P can bind to several G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) activating a number of different signalling

Research highlight: Spectrally diverse FRET acceptors for mTurquoise2

The performance of Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) biosensors depends on brightness and photostability, which are dependent on the characteristics of the fluorescent proteins that are employed. Yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) is often used as an acceptor but YFP is

Research highlight: Shedding light on protein interaction networks

Researchers succeeded for the first time in mapping protein-protein interactions in living developing plant roots. The findings of the international team of the department of Plant Developmental Biology at Wageningen University and Research, the section of Molecular Cytology at the